Gil is 10 months!

Um, I’m an abysmally pathetic mommy blogger. I’m not sure when last I updated about my baby boy, but he was 10 months old just a few days ago, so here we go!

He crawls!

He stands!

He now cruises, but it’s hard to get an action shot of that :)

In all seriousness, Gil has taken off in his physical abilities. Because he learned to sit *after* he learned to crawl, we’ve not enjoyed any luxurious ‘sit in one place while playing with a new toy’ phase – this little boy is all GO all the time. Read the rest of this entry »

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The girl who didn’t nap … now does!

On my last post, I mentioned that naptime is now the easiest part of my day! Lisa commented:

“I wish Michael could go to sleep on his own. Is there anything you did to help her with this?”

I want to say firstly that although I love that naptime is easy, I miss snuggling with my little girl.

A lot.

Beginning in my pregnancy, Gwen stopped nursing to sleep at night. Still did it for naps, but started wanting to snuggle with daddy for sleep. Since she was so good at doing it for nighttime, I began to encourage her to snuggle with me to fall asleep about halfway through the pregnancy. We would nurse until she was sleepy, and then we would snuggle in the rocking chair and I’d rock her to sleep. Read the rest of this entry »

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Trains, babywearing, and couches – oh my!

I never knew how intense being a mother could be until I experienced being solely responsible for two kids under two for 8+ hours per day. It’s intense! Most days are good … although I still don’t feel like I’ve got a “rhythm” yet. When Gwen was a wee babe, I’d found my stride by now, but two is completely different!

Look at this little guy’s rolls! Read the rest of this entry »

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Ummm …

I really just felt like I needed to write something after that doozy of a post :) Maybe a bulleted list?

  • I am experiencing some EXTREME fatigue … me so tired all day long, but especially after 3 pm
  • Gwen naps now from 11:30 – 1:30-ish … which is AWESOME, but means I cannot nap
  • Enjoyed a lovely two-day holiday with my parents … their place is a veritable amusement park for Gwen! Their 3/4 acre property boasts a pool (which Gwen LOVED), a sandbox (which Gwen LOVED), a dog (you get the picture), and a large expanse of grass for her to explore. We had a blast!
  • Got all of our switch covers and plug covers back on the walls to finish off our new paint. Must. Take. Pictures. My house looks fantastic!
  • The National Post has added a regular column about how green is good for corporations – yay!
  • The Society of Obstetricians and Gynecologists of Canada has introduced new guidelines surrounding vaginal breech birth – wuhoo!!!
  • I’m heading upstairs to get ready for bed, and that makes me feel totally old – it’s only 9:30!

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You’re kidding, right?

It’s naptime and there is (literally) a jackhammer outside my house.

I’ve got the kid who is afraid of her father using an electric shaver and terrified of the vaccuum, even when it’s being used two floors away.

This day is going to be interesting.

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the battle for one stinking nap

First, let me caveat this post by saying that, in the rare occurance that I may actually get to sleep during the day and have a decent nap, as soon as I stand up, I am in pain. Extreme gas pain that puts me in a fouler than foul mood and is often accompanied by moaning, crying, groaning, and lying curled in the fetal position for 30 mins – 1 hour. I can’t tell you how long this has been the case, but long enough to know that unless I really need that nap, it’s really just not worth the aftermath. That said, let’s move on :)

Brad advised me this morning to sleep with Gwen goes down for her naps. We’ve both (yeah, I’ll get around to updating about that eventually) been quite sick, and I. Am. Exhausted. I shunned the idea for Gwen’s first nap, as it occured at only 9:30am, but I thought maybe for her second, I’d see what happens. Following is an account, for my darling husband, of what transpired during said ‘nap’. Please know that these events are not isolated and their occurence is well noted by myself under 4 – 5 months of observation. This wasn’t a one-off.

I had gone out to get lunch – a bagel – from a local shop and saw some friends while there. I arrived home at around 1:45pm, perfect timing for Gwen’s second nap, since she’d awoken from her first (1+ hours) at 10:45am. She was rubbing her eyes and yawning, clear Gwen signs that a nap will easily overtake her.

I decided to nap with her in our bed – one of my favourite things to do when she was little – and got us all comfy-cozied up. She latched on … and popped off. And latched on … and popped off. Bright eyed and bushy tailed now that we’re trying to get her to sleep, my kid played. Until 2:39pm. We had some cute moments, as she rewarded me with the ever-elusive Gwen giggle after I tickled her belly a few times, followed promptly by a head-butt into my sore, congested, sinuses. Thanks, Gwen.

So. At by 2:39pm, she was whiny and clumsy. I had lain there the whole time hoping against hope that she would tire quickly and I could still get my nap. I got us comfy-cozied up again (oh, and she’d fallen asleep in our bed for her naps just fine on Saturday when I had been too tired/weak to move, so it’s not because she was in our bed. Nice try though – I knew what you were thinking!) and … oh right. Comfy-cozied up again and she nurses and slips blissfully into a quiet sleep. I lay there staring at her, blissful amidst the nursing hormones and begin drifting off a few minutes later.

To be awoken at 3:00pm.

That’s right, people, my kid slept for 15 minutes.

That, my dear sweet Brad, is why I don’t try to nap anymore. I’ll take sheer exhaustion over that fiasco any day! Although today I got to enjoy that fiasco followed by sheer exhaustion made worse by the fact that my body thought it was going to get to sleep followed by kill-me-now gut pain. Yay!

Can any one else see why I find it difficult day after day to find the sunshine and puppy dogs in being a mother?

This is what keeps me going. This kid is seriously cute.

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Day Two

It’s currently day two of my Please-Sleep-In-Your-Crib-For-Your-Naps-Gwen plan. I was quite content holding her when she was brand new, but now that she’s 5 1/2 months old, she’s getting heavy, and this mama’s arms are ready for a break! Read the rest of this entry »

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