World Breastfeeding Week 2010!

Oh my goodness! I can’t believe it’s World Breastfeeding Week already!

This year’s theme is Breastfeeding: Just 10 Steps!

What did I do to support breastfeeding this year? Well, one major thing was that I volunteered as a model.

Check out La Leche League Canada’s article about this year’s theme!


Let’s take action!

I was appalled to see the following ad over at PhD in Parenting:

The new “Gold Standard”? Sigh. I took Annie’s advice and headed over to to send an email to Nestle:

Dear Dr. Gayle Crozier-Willi,

I am having an awfully hard time understanding the new ad I just saw for your infant formula, which states that it is “the new ‘Gold Standard’ in infant nutrition”. I would like to take this opportunity to assure you that the only gold standard in infant nutrition is breastmilk – infant formula, especially in less developed areas, is proven to be very costly – in both healthcare dollars spent and, more importantly, lives.

I will be highlighting this new violation of the WHO code on my website and will be encouraging my friends and family to boycott your company and its products.


Kim Schellingerhoudt

Won’t you join me in advocating for those who cannot advocate for themselves? Feel free to use the form email on the Baby Milk Action site, the email above, or write your own!

Won’t you also join me in boycotting Nestle until they come into compliance with the WHO International Code of Marketing of Breast-Milk Substitutes?

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Remember how I posted about the knitted breast giveaway? Well, I won!!!! I’ll be choosing a pair of wheat/berry crocheted breasts for my good friend and fellow LLL leader who also happens to be a doula and childbirth educator. I can’t wait to give them to her!

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Quote THIS!

I think I might print out this article to hand out to people who ask nursing moms to breastfeed in the bathroom!

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Extinction – a comic …

If you don’t frequent Hathor the Cow Goddess‘ comic site, check out the comic Extinction!

I love her comics … although this one’s a little bit scary!

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When Toddlers Wean

I was on the Motherwear Breastfeeding Blog today with tears glistening in my eyes. Go check out the beautiful guest post there entitled “the last num num“. What a beautiful baby-led weaning story … sounds like such a gentle, peaceful process. I hope it can be like that for Gwen and I, too.

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Breastfeeding Picture

Hop on over to Christine’s blog – welcome to my brain – and check out her post from today: Magical Milk Pic-o-the-Week. I’m honoured to be featured on her site during World Breastfeeding Week, although I don’t think that was her intention 😉

Brad took that picture a couple of months ago while we were putting Gwen to bed. So peaceful, so right. I love nursing my girl.

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It’s World Breastfeeding Week!

Yay, breastfeeding!!!!!

What are you doing for World Breastfeeding Week 2009? This post from Melodie at Breastfeeding Moms Unite! gives a tonne of suggestions of things you can do to support breastfeeding this week – check ’em out and let me know if any of them gave you some ideas! Some things I’m doing to promote breastfeeding awareness include breastfeeding Gwen at home and in public, talking about breastfeeding to whoever will listen (:)), and blogging about breastfeeding. I’m also a La Leche League member and the best thing I’m doing for World Breastfeeding Week?

I’ve helped organize my La Leche League group’s Walk for Breastfeeding, which is taking place this Saturday, August 8 – and so far I’ve raised $365!!! These funds are sorely needed as it has been a long time since our group has had decent membership rates and has had the members to do some good fundraising. If you want to sponsor me, I have Paypal 😉 And if you want to know more about the walk, drop me a comment.

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Canadians who support breastfeeding!

Thought I’d repost this here for all my readers! Go sign! Go!

INFACT Canada and INFACT Quebec need your help.

We urge you to sign the Canadian Breastfeeding Protection Petition, which calls for action on improving breastfeeding support for mothers and babies across Canada. We will deliver the signatures directly to Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

Breastfeeding is the unequalled and normal way to feed babies. Although early, exclusive and sustained breastfeeding is recommended for mothers and children by the World Health Organization and Health Canada, many Canadian women terminate breastfeeding early because of lack of supports. Recently, the World Cancer Research Fund and the American Institute for Cancer Research have also added their voices to the need to strengthen societal supports to enable mothers and children to breastfeed as recommended. It is time for our government to understand that better breastfeeding practices benefit all of society, and that governmental support support for breastfeeding is essential. Action is necessary to work towards the implementation of a strategy based on:

  • the International Code of Marketing of Breastmilk Substitutes;
  • World Health Assembly Resolutions on Infant and Young Child Nutrition;
  • the UN Global Strategy on Infant and Young Child Feeding as a comprehensive strategy;
  • strengthening maternity benefits and workplace supports.

You can make a difference for mothers and children. Sign the petition, share the petition and join us for a better world for all of us. Join INFACT Canada and INFACT Quebec and sign on to the petition at:

For more information contact:

Betty Sterken at INFACT Canada:

Carole Dobrich at INFACT Quebec:

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Gwen Update … sans les photos

My laptop is … not cooperating? That’s my polite way of saying that the darn thing won’t turn on.

Yeah, I know. That’s what I think of it, too.

So anyways, I had some cute videos I was planning to upload and share today but here we are, without cute photos OR videos, but text’ll just have to do!

Gwen has started a very cute cruising behaviour – pacing back and forth along the couch, end table, exersaucer, chairs, etc. Go to one end … stop … go to other end … repeat. I love it!

Gwen can now “climb” the stairs. She can’t do it on her own (yet), but she rather enjoys climbing up the stairs while you hold her hands. She uses her right knee to get up the stair – it’s rather entertaining to watch!

Gwen wants to walk EVERYWHERE now. She will grab my fingers and then hurl herself off my lap and expect that I will indulge her and help her walk around the house. If I refuse or if I stop at any point, a full on screaming, head-thrown-back, gasping-for-air temper tantrum ensues. Charming.

I’ve been wondering why Gwen’s so … fussy … lately, as I hadn’t been able to see anything going on in her mouth. I snuck a look in there today and sure enough, her right eye tooth (which had been looking white but then gone away) is now white and a bit bulgy. Poor girl’s going to have completely lopsided teeth! She’s got the two middle bottoms, the right middle top, and the one to the right of that poked through late last week. If she gets her eye tooth it’ll be completely unbalanced. But cute 😉

We ordered some more board books for little miss so that we don’t go crazy reading the same ones again and again. We got Yes Yes (includes No No Yes Yes, Big Little, and Yummy Yucky), Pat the Bunny, Eco Babies Wear Green, and Urban Babies Wear Black. They’re all great books – the only thing I don’t like about any of them is that in Urban Babies Wear Black there’s a lot of pacifiers and bottles – no slings, no breastfeeding … but that’s the lactivist in me coming out!


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