Trains, babywearing, and couches – oh my!

I never knew how intense being a mother could be until I experienced being solely responsible for two kids under two for 8+ hours per day. It’s intense! Most days are good … although I still don’t feel like I’ve got a “rhythm” yet. When Gwen was a wee babe, I’d found my stride by now, but two is completely different!

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12 Month Appointment!

Today we went for Gwen’s 12 month appointment.

Little MIss sitting on her ‘car’.

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New Family Doc!

So on March 12, we went for Gwen’s 9 month check-up. Everything was 100% fine until I asked to know what percentile Gwen was in, since my doctor’s office has never told me. I shouldn’t have asked. According to their records and Gwen’s current weight, she had all but dropped off the growth curve. My doctor, who previously – even Gwen’s weight had been taken – was not concerned about Gwen’s growth or development started telling me the most irrational things … Read the rest of this entry »

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