Public Inquiry – G8/G20 Summit Mistakes!

I just sent the following letter to both Premier McGuinty and well as my MPP (Andrea Horwath), regarding the mishandling of the G8/G20 Summit security. Will you join me in requiring our elected officials to answer for their mistakes?

Premier McGuinty,

I am writing to express my shock and disappointment at the events of the G8/G20 summit this past summer. I do not believe that temporary laws should be passed without public input and am offended that the government should put the desires of foreign officials over the wellbeing and safety of its citizens. The way ordinary citizens and peaceful protesters were treated was atrocious.

I call for a full public inquiry into the events surrounding the summit. Please restore my faith in my elected officials by making this a priority.

Kim S.

You can email Premier McGuinty HERE. Find out your MPP’s contact information HERE. C’mon, citizens, it’s time to exercise our democratic rights and show our elected officials that we mean business! I will posting any responses I receive.

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