Remember how I posted about the knitted breast giveaway? Well, I won!!!! I’ll be choosing a pair of wheat/berry crocheted breasts for my good friend and fellow LLL leader who also happens to be a doula and childbirth educator. I can’t wait to give them to her!

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Postpartum Herbal Bath Recipe

Here is the recipe that my midwife office gives out for postpartum herbal baths.



  1. Put all ingredients in a pot with 4L of liquid.
  2. Simmer for 20 minutes.
  3. Add 1 cup sea salt to the mixture.
  4. Let cool and strain into containers with lids, freeze if not used within 2 days. Makes enough for 2 baths.

I was lucky enough for my first birth to have a friend drop off some extra herbal bath that she made up for her homebirth in April before I had Gwen, so I didn’t have to make it! In the above picture, taken shortly after Gwen’s birth, we’re actually in the herbal bath together. It’s healing for both mom’s reproductive system and baby’s cord and is honestly SO SOOTHING. If you’ve got it frozen in containers, just thaw it in the tub while you’re filling it with water. This time, I’m hoping to make a double batch so that I can have a soothing bath more often!

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I stole this post …

… from my sister Jenny’s blog. Wuhoo for stolen blog fodder!

I can’t get to sleep without:
Brushing my teeth!! But seriously, at this stage in my life (with a 3-month-old and all), I can fall asleep every night just fine, thank you!

If I were a doll, the accessories packaged with me would be:
Gwen, ring sling (or babywearing accessory of some sort), laptop

I have an irrational fear of:
Being attacked by a man while I’m walking somewhere (maybe that’s not irrational?)

At my grandparents house I usually eat:
Ummm … I remember once eating really nasty soup, does that count?

When I was born I weighed:
7 lbs something (Jenny, you were in the 7’s, too!)

I am most opposed to:
Commercialism, war, abortion, the “cry-it-out” method

On myspace I like to stalk:
Me no have no myspace. On Facebook, I often stalk my sisters =)

I am too old to be:
In grade school – or even high school, for that matter!

I find the thought of childbirth:
Exciting and empowering!

Next door to my house is:
Railroad tracks. Like RIGHT next door.

My feet are:
Flat. I need orthopedic shoes =(

My preferred style of jeans are:
Blue ones that have a bit of flare

I know how to cook:
Quite a bit of stuff!! That doesn’t mean I’ve been doing it lately, though …

I am annoyed at:
The fact that I can’t get anything done during the day anymore. I’ve realized I’m a ‘doing’ person and that not be able to ‘do’ drives me bonkers! I’m also annoyed that our house isn’t completely unpacked/set-up, even after being here for months and months …

Men should always:
Hold the door for women =)

Women should never:
Talk about others behind their backs (please remind me of this)

The scariest sea creature is:

The world is over populated with:
Cell phones

I recently broke:
Hmm … I can’t remember!

I last cried because:
A girl I love very much is in a very difficult situation

My favorite shoes are:
My birkenstocks (that’s right. I wear birkenstocks)

As a parent my greatest fear is:
Being too selfish and my kids knowing it

When I think of Full House:
I think of the time I tried to start a club like the one in the book Phone Call from a Flamingo – did you even know there was a Full House Stephanie book series??

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Interesting Post …

I read a post today (find it here) on the new birth agenda being set forth by the UK National Health Services (NHS). It’s about opening up birthing choices to women (ie. midwife vs. doctor, homebirth vs. hospital vs. birthing centre, etc.). It’s a very well-written post with many interesting statistics and viewpoints. Just thought I’d share for those of you who are pregnant and reading my blog =)