International Doula Month!

Head on over to Bellies and Babies to check out her introductory post on International Doula Month! Nicole will be hosting a bunch of birthy stuff giveaways! I know a number of doulas and would love to win some prizes for them!!


great homebirth post!

Two HUGE thumbs up to my friend, Jen, who wrote a post entitled, “You’re having your baby where?!“. Click on over to read about what her decision to homebirth is all about!


Breastfeeding Picture

Hop on over to Christine’s blog – welcome to my brain – and check out her post from today: Magical Milk Pic-o-the-Week. I’m honoured to be featured on her site during World Breastfeeding Week, although I don’t think that was her intention 😉

Brad took that picture a couple of months ago while we were putting Gwen to bed. So peaceful, so right. I love nursing my girl.

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Blogroll Update

I’ve had some requests to update my blogroll, and honestly, I’ve been wanting to do it for a while but I didn’t know how with my new blog. I finally figured it out! I’ve cleaned out some of the blogs I don’t read anymore (or who update very rarely) and added some of my new favourites. Check them out:

  • Adventures of Being a Mommy – my friend, Jen, who write about her life as a mom to her gorgeous son, Anderson
  • Breastfeeding Moms Unite – written by the mom of two little girls, this is a great blog about breastfeeding – she’s actually in the midst of writing a book about it!
  • Hathor the Cow Goddess – another breastfeeding blog – this one comprised of mostly breastfeeding, attachment parenting comics which are sometimes hilarious, sometimes serious and ALWAYS thought-provoking, written by Heather Cushman-Dowdee
  • Mama is … – written by the same author as the above blog – more comics, with a bit of a wider range of topics
  • Stand and Deliver – I’ve actually been reading Rixa’s blog for ages and I still love it – she’s got a tonne of information on childbirth in those pages!
  • Tammy Is Blessed – a blog about Tammy’s family … I’ve known Tammy online for a number of years
  • The Motherwear Breastfeeding Blog – is exactly that … a breastfeeding blog written by the folks at Motherwear

Happy reading!


Meeting online friends IRL!

On Sunday, I was lucky enough to meet two of my online friends in real life! In my town! Yay!

Kara was making a trip to Ikea (Burlington) and was therefore happy to stop in Hamilton at Tim Horton’s on the way home. Steph was crazy enough to make the trek from the other side of Toronto.

This was the first time I’ve met anyone from online in person. It was lots of fun. Really weird, but lots of fun! It’s so interesting to know so much about people you’ve never *really* met.

I think Gwen and Zaphyn enjoyed meeting each other and playing with each other’s toys.

Babies! Break rank and attack!

My only regret is that we neglected to get a picture with the three of us together. GAH!

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Prayer Needed

Please pray for a friend, Julie-Anne, whose 4-year-old son, Mathias, is quite ill.


Fantastic Post

I knew I couldn’t be the only Christian supporting Obama (said semi-tongue-in-cheek). Check out this post from one of my favourite blogs: The story of a Baptist pastor’s wife who voted for Obama.

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Wuhoo! Blog love!

Yay!! Stacy nominated me for the “Love Your Blog Award”. I feel priviledged! She said “She has an adorable baby girl, and writes about all sorts of interesting things. She’s also more descriptive than I am.” Thanks, Stacy!

Apparently I’m now supposed to give the award to seven people.

  1. Chelsea – although her blog is currently un-named, I love reading about her life and her daughter … who happens to share Gwen’s birthday a year ahead!
  2. Jenny – tales from our crib is a blog about my nephew =) ‘Nuff said!
  3. Julie-Anne – Fruitful Vines & Olive Shoots is a fantastic blog about trusting in God through our childbearing years
  4. Kathryn – Just Me is a blog about her life … she’s quite thrify and crafty, and I envy her mad skillz =) (lol … I really just wanted to write mad skillz … although I truly do admire her!)
  5. Jon – Stuff Christians Like makes me howl. Every day.
  6. Christine – welcome to my brain is a blog about her life and the life of her family. She is incredibly insightful and I love reading her posts – they make me think!
  7. Nicole – Bellies and Babies is written by Nicole, a childbirth educator and doula. I LOOOOVE reading her posts, since I’m a bit of a birth blog junkie.

So there you are … these are a few of the blogs in my blogroll that I hope are updated every time I open up my Google Reader =) Now to visit them all and let them know they’ve got an award …

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Check it out!

A pic that one of my midwives took of the first time I breastfed Gwen is featured today on welcome to my brain’s Magical Milk Pic-O-The-Week! This is one of my favourite blogs to read, and I’m happy to have contributed to some breastfeeding awareness =) (Disclaimer: you can see some breast, so don’t check it out if you’re gonna be weirded out by it!)

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The other camp.

As I was reading through my Google Reader today (I have 42 blogs on my reader! 42! Wait … isn’t that the answer to the meaning of life, the universe, and everything?) I came across an entry from one of my favourite bloggers, Julie-Anne. This stuck out at me:

But, there is a process a woman goes through in postpartum which can fall into the second camp. This camp believes that postpartum blues can be a part of the normal adjustment to life with a new baby and the process of grief as the family dynamics change. A postpartum mom is also not immune to outside stressors. These can affect your journey as well. (Please check out the post – titled The Postpartum Rainbow – to read the rest of it!)

I needed to hear these words! Sometimes I truly believe I am suffering from postpartum depression. Most of the time, though, I believe I’m making a transition into becoming a mom;  a transition that is difficult for all, but which has been made all the more difficult by my early postpartum days (Gwen’s weight loss and supplementing regime and my thrombophlebitis), our ongoing breastfeeding struggles (oversupply, a very forceful letdown, and a lot of leaking … although I think these things are finally starting to even out!), a colicky baby, significant extended family crises, as well as the fact that we are still not completely moved in and set up … 6 months after moving!

Posts like Julie-Anne’s make me feel like I’m not alone. That I’m normal for feeling disillusioned. Oh how I needed to hear those words!

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