A quick update …

I’ve not written in this space for a long time. To quote Obi-Wan, “*pregnant pause* A long time.”

(Yeah. If you thought I wasn’t still a huge nerd, I’m sorry to disappoint.)

A lot has changed around our house.

Firstly, we moved. Away from our first house, away from the intentional community of which we were a part. There’s been a lot of pain. And a lot of joy. And a LOT of thinking, healing, growing. It has not been easy, and that was a huge part of why this space became quiet.

Even bigger a change is that we’ve added another child to our family. The pregnancy was … unexpected. And the journey was HARD. Really, really, really hard. But our new son, Atticus, has brought us so very much joy.

Gwen is nearing four … Gil turned two in February.

I look forward to getting to know all of you again. It’s good to be back :)

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Gwen’s in a big girl bed

I’ve totally been a blog slacker. I’ve realized in the last week or so that the reason I’m a blog slacker is because I no longer have either a) a baby sleeping in my arms with nothing better to do than go on the computer or b) a baby who takes two 1.5 naps per day. Read the rest of this entry »

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Spam, spam, green eggs, and spam.

I’ve got Spam, people.

And lots of it!

4 or 5 spam comments per day now.


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Forgive me …

For my lack of posting as of late. I’ve been working on Gwen’s scrapbook as I was hoping to have most of her first year done so I could display it at her birthday party which is … umm … in ONE WEEK. How did this happen?


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Come out, come out, wherever you are!

Howdy, readers!! It’s National Delurking Week 2009!

I’m dying to know who’s reading my blog lately. Some of your comment frequently, some infrequently, and many NOT AT ALL (shame on you!).

Let me know who you are, where you’re from, and what you’re all about!

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Wuhoo! Blog love!

Yay!! Stacy nominated me for the “Love Your Blog Award”. I feel priviledged! She said “She has an adorable baby girl, and writes about all sorts of interesting things. She’s also more descriptive than I am.” Thanks, Stacy!

Apparently I’m now supposed to give the award to seven people.

  1. Chelsea – although her blog is currently un-named, I love reading about her life and her daughter … who happens to share Gwen’s birthday a year ahead!
  2. Jenny – tales from our crib is a blog about my nephew =) ‘Nuff said!
  3. Julie-Anne – Fruitful Vines & Olive Shoots is a fantastic blog about trusting in God through our childbearing years
  4. Kathryn – Just Me is a blog about her life … she’s quite thrify and crafty, and I envy her mad skillz =) (lol … I really just wanted to write mad skillz … although I truly do admire her!)
  5. Jon – Stuff Christians Like makes me howl. Every day.
  6. Christine – welcome to my brain is a blog about her life and the life of her family. She is incredibly insightful and I love reading her posts – they make me think!
  7. Nicole – Bellies and Babies is written by Nicole, a childbirth educator and doula. I LOOOOVE reading her posts, since I’m a bit of a birth blog junkie.

So there you are … these are a few of the blogs in my blogroll that I hope are updated every time I open up my Google Reader =) Now to visit them all and let them know they’ve got an award …

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I stole this post …

… from my sister Jenny’s blog. Wuhoo for stolen blog fodder!

I can’t get to sleep without:
Brushing my teeth!! But seriously, at this stage in my life (with a 3-month-old and all), I can fall asleep every night just fine, thank you!

If I were a doll, the accessories packaged with me would be:
Gwen, ring sling (or babywearing accessory of some sort), laptop

I have an irrational fear of:
Being attacked by a man while I’m walking somewhere (maybe that’s not irrational?)

At my grandparents house I usually eat:
Ummm … I remember once eating really nasty soup, does that count?

When I was born I weighed:
7 lbs something (Jenny, you were in the 7’s, too!)

I am most opposed to:
Commercialism, war, abortion, the “cry-it-out” method

On myspace I like to stalk:
Me no have no myspace. On Facebook, I often stalk my sisters =)

I am too old to be:
In grade school – or even high school, for that matter!

I find the thought of childbirth:
Exciting and empowering!

Next door to my house is:
Railroad tracks. Like RIGHT next door.

My feet are:
Flat. I need orthopedic shoes =(

My preferred style of jeans are:
Blue ones that have a bit of flare

I know how to cook:
Quite a bit of stuff!! That doesn’t mean I’ve been doing it lately, though …

I am annoyed at:
The fact that I can’t get anything done during the day anymore. I’ve realized I’m a ‘doing’ person and that not be able to ‘do’ drives me bonkers! I’m also annoyed that our house isn’t completely unpacked/set-up, even after being here for months and months …

Men should always:
Hold the door for women =)

Women should never:
Talk about others behind their backs (please remind me of this)

The scariest sea creature is:

The world is over populated with:
Cell phones

I recently broke:
Hmm … I can’t remember!

I last cried because:
A girl I love very much is in a very difficult situation

My favorite shoes are:
My birkenstocks (that’s right. I wear birkenstocks)

As a parent my greatest fear is:
Being too selfish and my kids knowing it

When I think of Full House:
I think of the time I tried to start a club like the one in the book Phone Call from a Flamingo – did you even know there was a Full House Stephanie book series??

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How much is your blog worth?

A pathetic amount.

My blog is worth $1,693.62.
How much is your blog worth?

For shame. How about yours?? Leave a link in the comments with your worth =)


Little Miss is 3 Weeks Old!

I absolutely cannot believe how quickly the time is flying. It feels like just yesterday I was still pregnant, and here we are, three weeks into my beautiful baby girl’s life. Three weeks ago today, Gwen came into our lives in a much more tangible way than she was previously. That little girl has turned our lives COMPLETELY upside down … and we couldn’t be happier! Read the rest of this entry »

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Awesome giveaway!

Click here to check out a great cloth diaper giveaway!

I sooooo want to win this – it would be great if we could get a head-start on our cloth diaper collection!

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