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Hello, blog world!

I realize it’s been a LONG time since I’ve written anything substantial in this space, and even though I want to write, and I’ve brought myself here, I still feel unable to get my thoughts down.

The past months have been busy. Good, for the most part, but still busy. I never knew how busy it would be caring for two little people every day, but when they go down for their naps or to sleep at night, I hardly feel like thinking! Most often, lately, I’ve been connecting with friends or reading books. QUIET activities to balance out the constant sound that most often punctuates my days.

Gwen turned three a few weeks ago and I’m feeling a bit guilty that I haven’t yet posted pictures of how her special day went – especially for my sisters who live far away and were unable to come. It’s on my mind, I promise!

Maybe it’s that most of my thoughts don’t get a chance to become finished inside my head and therefore, they feel incomplete when I write them down … I used to think up blog posts while washing dishes, going for walks, making dinner, etc. But I seem unable to do that at this particular point in time.

And you know what? It’s okay. I love having this space available for when I feel ready to talk again. Brad and I have been dealing with a lot this past while and I haven’t felt okay about posting about it in such a public forum.

So, in that regard, please forgive me for both not writing and not explaining that I was going to be taking a break. If it makes it better, even I didn’t know!

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