Man, I’m a sporatic blogger at best!

I was looking through my archives and noticed that I’ve only been blogging once, maybe twice per month recently. Well, I suppose ‘recently’ is a misnomer … it’s been a while, hasn’t it?

Ah well, I’m not going apologize. Know why? Because I’m not sorry. I haven’t felt like it, and that’s okay!

But I am going to write about something dear to my heart today.

The needs of children.

I was thinking the other day about what it is that really bothers me about ‘training’ children – whether we’re talking about sleep training, ‘discipline’, whatever. It hit me: what really bothers me is the belief that the parents’ needs supersede those of the child.

I’m learning never to see any issue with my kids this way. Both of our needs are valid. Is there any way that we can compromise or meet both of our needs without someone needing to lose? After all, that’s how I would hope to approach it with an adult: brainstorm possible solutions to the problem and choose one that’s acceptable to everyone, hopefully meaning no winners, no losers.

Let’s co-operate and look for creative solutions, shall we?


  1. Di says:

    That sounds so true, how can we decide dismiss what our children are trying to point out. Best chance is to listen and really find out what they are needing or wanting. Then a creative solution to each of these moments is the way to go, as you said no losers and no winners. I can’t wait to see these moments in Eve. Right now I feel like I make all the choices and it is all about my needs at the moment.
    On another note, the email I have for you bounced, how do I contact you?

  2. Di says:

    Oh and no worries about the sporadic blogging, you do what you can, and that is the best. Well done for even posting about it.

  3. kim says:

    Di, I sent you a quick email so you’d have my newest email address!

    I think it’s interesting that you feel like it’s all about your needs – I think maybe you’re meeting all of Eve’s needs then! Little ones don’t have many needs – closeness, warmth, food, love, a clean diaper. If you’re doing all those, you’re doing a fine job of meeting her needs!!

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