Gil is 10 months!

Um, I’m an abysmally pathetic mommy blogger. I’m not sure when last I updated about my baby boy, but he was 10 months old just a few days ago, so here we go!

He crawls!

He stands!

He now cruises, but it’s hard to get an action shot of that :)

In all seriousness, Gil has taken off in his physical abilities. Because he learned to sit *after* he learned to crawl, we’ve not enjoyed any luxurious ‘sit in one place while playing with a new toy’ phase – this little boy is all GO all the time.

He still prefers being held most of the time, of course, but he does love to chase (or be chased by) Gwen, Brad, and I. Last month he learned to climb up our entire stair case – 17 stairs, in case you’re wondering!

He is very interested in solid foods and becoming more and more able to enjoy them without gagging and spitting up everywhere. We’ve done baby-led solids and it’s been much more fun and much less stressful than the alternative. So far, he loves apples, pears, bananas, GF breads, squash, sweet potato, muffins, carrots, and pasta. We’re holding out on wheat introduction until after a year and I’ve yet to introduce any dairy, nuts, or eggs. He loves to pick up little bits and get them into his mouth. but also like when I feed him off my finger. He may love the idea of food, but he’s not exactly a big eater of anything but breastmilk – my little boy loves to nurse! He’s probably eaten a grand total of a few tablespoons of solid foods in his life – mind you, I’m not counting the slices of apple and pears he “eats” on a fairly regular basis, but still!

He’s been stretching out the morning – he normally does one 3-hour chunk without nursing at some point – but otherwise, he nurses very frequently … sometimes 4 times in 2 hours (like this morning), sometimes once per hour or two. Overall, I have no idea how often he nurses, but in 24 hours, I’d say it’s upwards of 12-16 times? Gil wakes a lot at night, but whether it’s because I’m used to it or because his wake-ups don’t lat long, I don’t seem any worse for the wear. Some nights he’s awake 2 or 3 times, some nights 6 or 7+. He is, thankfully, a good napper – taking either one or two naps a day on the bed, giving my arms a much-needed break! He’s still an early-to-bed type of guy, generally heading to sleep for the night around 7 or 7:30.

Although he’s thinned out a bit from all the movin’ and shakin’ he does, Gil is still a big boy! He’s wearing mostly 12+ clothing – and most of his pants are 18 – 24 months! I’m sure that by now he out-weighs Gwen.

Gil adores Gwen. He follows her around and desperately wants to play with whatever toys she’s playing with. Although sweet, it makes me feel like a referee most of the day, which I don’t like.

We’re still waiting for his first teeth to make an appearance. There are some fairly serious lumps on his bottom gum, but we thought they were going to be appearing a full month ago, so it seems that we’ve got no choice but to remain patient that they’ll arrive when he’s good and ready for them. I love his gummy grin anyways and am in no real hurry to lose it :)


  1. Jen says:

    So cute! You guys make gorgeous, sweet kids :)

    Those teeth will catch up sooner or later.

  2. Kathryn says:

    SO. STINKIN. CUTE! Never fear about the teeth, though. We thought we’d have to get dentures for Nadia, as she didn’t get teeth till much after her first birthday. Which was fine with me! Nursing stayed comfy a lot longer that way. At any rate, he’s definitely a cutie!

  3. kim says:

    Thanks, Jen!!

    Kathryn – really? She didn’t get teeth until after she turned one? WOW!

  4. Crystal says:

    Oh look at him! He is SO cute!!

    Our boys have opposite sleeping habits. Z is not a good napper and is a night owl. But at least half the time, we get a good 6+ hr stretch out of him.

  5. Di says:

    It is so different reading this and knowing what you are talking about now that I have my own little one :)
    He is gorgeous! And in the last photo, looks so like Brad.
    I thought that Eve was a constant feeder, but if Gill needs 12-16 times a day then be it! As for the sleeping, I can’t complain, I get a 6+ stint somewhere in the day or night. I am sure that Gill will work something out soon.
    So different to read now that I have one myself.

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