Gil Update: Six Months Old!

*Gah! I thought I hit ‘post’ on this post last week, but apparently I hit ‘save’. And I was wondering where all the comments were – duh!*

I know, I know, I’m a little bit late, but better late than never!

My little boy is six months old. SIX MONTHS! Half a year! Where on earth did the time go?

Mr. Man is 20 lbs heavy and BIG! He’s wearing mostly 12 month sized clothes, which feels just insane to me since I just put some of Gwen’s 12 month clothes away a few months ago.

Gil is now a mobile baby. He can’t quite crawl yet (although he is able to get up on his hands and knees rocking), but he crawls around army-style. He’s even developing callouses on his feet from where he propels himself forward! He’s quite quick considering how inefficient army crawling is, and Gwen has started to realize that if she wants to keep playing with something, she needs to put it up on her desk or move to another room!

Mostly, though, my little guy still wants to be held. In the morning, he’s happy to play on the ground for 10 or 15 minutes, but that’s about the longest break my arms are getting right now while he’s awake. He wants to be a part of what I’m doing regardless of whether or not I’m capable of completing said task while holding him.

He seems to be cutting his naps down to 2 per day – one short nap in the morning, and a longer 2-3 hour nap in the afternoon, occasionally going another 20-minutes around dinner time. Now before you get all excited, the long nap occurs either completely in-arms or partially on a soft spot on the ground beside the couch. I nurse him to sleep (while I’m waiting outside Gwen’s room and she’s falling asleep for her nap) and set him down when I get downstairs. He often wakes once or twice during his nap but because I’m right there beside him, it’s quick and easy to nurse him right back to sleep and lay him back down or continue holding him – whichever I feel like!

Gil giggles and smiles up a storm! He’s much less serious than his big sister was at this age, and he is a hoot! He loves to play peekaboo and his favourite game is when Brad chases Gwen around with him.

We’ve not yet officially started solids, since Gil can’t yet sit up on his own. He’s getting close, but he’s only able to sit in the tripod position for a few seconds at a time. Since we’re doing all baby-led solids this time around, that means no solids yet. I have given him a few licks of fruits and veggies though – he loves the taste of banana, cantaloupe, and watermelon and loves to chew on apples, carrot sticks, and celery sticks. With no teeth, he’s not able to get chunks off the harder things, so I’m comfortable letting him teethe on them!

Gwen *loves* Gil. She’s always talking to him and giving him the most random things (or taking away whatever he’s playing with – one of the two!) and saying how much she loves him. It’s terribly cute.

All in all, Gil is a very happy guy. He prefers his mommy to anyone else at this point, and if he’s not yet asleep in the evening when I’m getting Gwen ready for bed, he cries for me the whole time I’m away from him. Although it’s awfully flattering, I’m ready for him to enjoy his dad a bit more!


  1. Jen says:

    Happy six months Gil! Where does the time go??!!

  2. Nicole says:

    I loved reading about your Gil :o) He sounds like a sweetheart and is oh so cute!!!! Happy 6 months Gil!

  3. Kathryn says:

    Rhys loves ‘chasing’ Nadia with papa too! Isn’t that funny. What a cutie!

  4. Lisa C says:

    Do I spy gpants on your little guy? I love gpants.

    My little guy was always in-arms at this age, even while napping. I didn’t start putting him down for naps till he was 8 months old (and only started that because I had a cough at the time). Baby-led weaning is fun…just know that he might take a chunk out of apple even without teeth! My little guy would slowly gnaw little bits off of apples and then suddenly started taking chunks off.

  5. catherine says:

    What is wrong with nestle? Why are you boycotting them?

  6. kim says:

    Catherine, check out this link: for more info on the Nestle boycott.

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