No wonder!

It’s funny. With Gwen, I found it so easy to carry her around everywhere in a ring sling or mei tai. With Gil, even wearing the mei tai was getting difficult! After attending a babywearing meeting last month, I was re-introduced to wraps – or simple pieces of cloth (SPOC). I tried out a friend’s Storchenwiege and was in LOVE with how comfy it was to carry Gil! I messaged her a few days later to ask her to send me some of the hot wrap deals on‘s forums, since I am new to wraps and couldn’t wade through all the acronyms!

She promptly sent me a few wraps that were good deals and I hurried to get in touch with one lady who was selling a vintage Girasol wrap. I bought it a few days later and waited anxiously for it to be delivered! It came on Friday and is beautiful!

It’s so smooshy and soft and comfortable! What a difference a quality wrap makes for your back! I’ve yet to get uncomfortable wearing him in this!

And I figured out this weekend why it’s been so difficult to wear him and carry him around all day … my tub-a-lub is 18lbs! (Gwen was 17lbs 6oz at a year.) He’s wearing mostly 9-12 month clothes now, although the other day he wore an 18-month button-up shirt. The boy is a week shy of 4 months!

I know I ordered a chubby baby and all, but my goodness!


  1. Jen says:

    Great wrap! He looks so happy in there!

  2. Lisa C says:

    He IS a big boy! When Michael hit 18 pounds I could never get over how heavy he felt. But they are so much lighter in a wrap, aren’t they?

  3. paxye says:

    A good wrap does make a difference!
    My third was a big boy and hit 32lbs at 6 months and 42lbs at a year and the only thing that I could carry him in was my Storch. Wraps are amazing for taking all of the weight off!

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