Gil is 7 weeks old!

Time is a-flyin’!

And boy, is he cute!! At his 6 week appointment, he was 12lb 4oz – he’s gained a full 6lb since he was born!

Gil, 6 weeks

Of course, he mostly does just eat all day! We were trying to figure out if Gwen & Gil look at all alike and right now?

Gwen, 6 weeks


Gil is not quite as smiley as Gwen was at this point. He smiled a few one-off times last week, but I think I’ll note yesterday, April 9, as being his first *real* smile – a huge one in the bathtub! I got a few more today, too, which makes mama feel good!!

His fussiness is getting better – and his 2-hour-long wakes during the night are happening much less frequently. We’re getting, generally, a 4-5 hour stretch at the beginning of the night (anytime between 7:30 & 10) and then 2-3 hour stretches until morning (which is any time between 5:30 & 8).

Gil, like all newborns, loves to be cuddled and held close. He really enjoys being held outward (and the colic hold!) and he is very much an in-arms baby. It’s hard to meet Gwen’s needs, which leaves me feeling, oftentimes, like a bad mother. This made me feel better though:

Today, while Brad and I were doing some much-needed cleaning and I had just handed Gil off to Brad for a minute, Gwen came over and pointed to the BabyTrekker (which I won!).

“Fwing!” (Sling.)

“Yes, sweetie – a sling!”

“Gwen.” (points in it)

“You want in it?”

Up she went and she was asleep in minutes. It was so wonderful to be wearing her again – I think the last time was at Christmas! Even though she was asleep quickly, I kept her in it for a while just to enjoy being so close to her!


  1. Kathryn says:

    What a beautifully chunky baby! And you look radiant. I mean truly, you look like you are doing great. How old is Gwen now?

  2. Crystle says:

    When I look at those two pictures I think they look remarkably similar! Same eyes, head shape and mouth. But I wouldn’t have thought it by looking at them now with their age difference. Sibling similarities are often very strong – which I think is very neat. I get a kick out of people saying they can tell my brother and I are siblings.

  3. kim says:

    Gwen’s almost 22 months, Kathryn!!! And thank you – I feel like we’re doing really well this time around :)

    Crystle – isn’t that funny? I can see the eyes … and the lips :) Maybe it’s the hair that’s throwing me off!

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