Product Review: The Doidy Cup

**Edited to add a link to the TIPS Open Mouth Cups Awards that I checked out during my research. Also, take a look at the comment from midwife and TIPS founder, Sharon!**

A couple of weeks ago I was listening to a Midirs podcast about cup feeding and they were recommending the use of Bickiepegs’ The Doidy Cup for early supplementation, introduction of a cup, and weaning baby to a cup from a bottle. They were cautioning against the use of spouted cups, citing research that may indicate that the use (and prolonged use) of such cups may lead to poor nutritional habits. They encouraged the use of an open cup for drinking at mealtimes.

After doing a bit of poking around at the different open-mouthed cup options, I thought I’d give The Doidy Cup a try. I ordered from the online store (located in the UK) on May 20th, and the cups arrived in the mail today (only 8 days!). I was eager to try them out and see what Gwen would think of them, so I brought it out at dinner.

I thought I’d need to show her what to do, so I held it by the two handles and demonstrated and then held the bottom for her, trying to get her to grip the handles while I supported it and tilted. She didn’t like that. Someone (I’m not sure who, we had both Jan & Dave over for dinner) Brad suggested putting it on the table and letting her try and figure it out.

She immediately picked it up and drank!

And thought it was the coolest thing EVER!

The Doidy Cup comes in a tonne of fun colours and is BPA-free. If you’re looking for a cup that is intuitive to handle and will allow your baby to drink unassisted, I’d 100% recommend it. Gwen knew what to do the first time she picked it up. The site claims that babies as young as 6 months can learn to use it unassisted and I have no doubts! No sippy cup for us!

And, as an extra-special treat, here’s a video of Gwen with it. As you can see, she likes it a bit ๐Ÿ˜‰

Gwen and the Doidy Cup from Kim Schell on Vimeo.


  1. Brad says:

    I don’t want all the credit but I must say that it was your husband that said put it down and let her try – who cares if she spills it…

    It was pretty awesome watching her figure it out.

  2. wow that cup looks really cool.

  3. kim says:

    LOL – good stuff, Brad … I’ll edit that in. I couldn’t remember if you or Jan said it!

    Jenny – VERY COOL CUP!

  4. Sharon says:

    Hi Kim
    I was delighted to be told (via the lovely Tony at Bickiepegs) that you had checked out my podcast on cupfeeding and that it had encouraged you to order a Doidy cup. I join Bickiepegs at professional conferences to spread the word about a safe transition from breast or bottle to cup feeding for babies and toddlers.
    The full results and review for the Doidy cup (they won the Best of the best award when I tested open cups in 2007) can be seen on my website at along with many other independent trials of mother and baby products.
    As a midwife my aim is always to provide evidence based advice that is free from commercial pressure which is why I set up my TIPS Award Scheme.
    Please feel free to become a parent tester and check out the many articles online
    Kindest regards
    Midwife and founder of

  5. kim says:


    Thanks so much for your comment! How exciting to have you check out my blog :) I would love to become a parent tester – I’ll be in contact with you!

  6. Laura says:

    Wow, how awesome! I have been feeling a bit remiss in my bottle-weaning of late – Gwen has been using a Rubbermaid “juice box” ( where she drinks with a straw, because she wasn’t so keen on the “tipping up” of a sippy cup. In your opinion (or maybe I should direct this question to Sharon), do you think I could transition her easily from that to a more traditional cup like the Doidy?

    I always love your product reviews, and the video is wonderful!

  7. Sharon says:

    My pleasure and I have just added a piece on my press cuttings page about you at:
    We now have your registration and would like to welcome you on board as a TIPS tester!

  8. Sharon says:

    Hi Laura
    Yes you could transition easily with a Doidy cup but you will need to spend a few days retraining so stick to water!
    Sharon :)

  9. Aileen says:

    Hi Kim, I have been trying to find a direct way to contact you directly but could only find a facility to comment on your blog. I have a question to ask you about this video (which I love by the way!!!) Could you please drop me a line?

    Thank you


  10. We havenโ€™t tried this product yet. We do carry a wide variety of cups. We do like the funky design and colours. If moms think it really works, we may be looking into adding this product to our selection (in a future).

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