Dear Table Charm,

You may remember my husband and I from a few months ago. We attended one of your information meetings with the intent of not buying anything and coming away with a free vacation anyway.

First, I’d like to thank you for the very enjoyable night my husband and I had laughing at your advertising. It still provides us great entertainment to giggle about the terms “special alloys” and “semi-vacuum”.

Second, I’d like to thank you for alerting us to the evils of non-stick cookware and PFAOs. We have been fortunate to be able to eliminate their use in our home, and were also fortunate enough to be able to do that without having to buy your cookware. This is fortunate as we would not have been able to afford rent, groceries, bus tickets, and tuition had we done so.

Third, I’d like to thank you for the great cooking tips! Although you assured us that we would be unable to achieve the same results in ‘inferior’ cooking systems, we are grateful that we did not take your word for it. We now only cook our meats using you ‘semi-vacuum’ technique. It’s quite incredible – we get the exact same results with our current cookware! We are also using the ‘stack cooking’ method and it works just the same with our pots and pans.

Fourth, thanks for the free vacation! We’re really looking forward to using our gift certificate in the near future.

Sincerely, a satisfied non-customer,


UPDATE: I’ve turned off comments as I’m tired of moderating them for this post! The post I have on my old wordpress blog still gets several per month and …  I just don’t care to read them anymore 😛


  1. Brad says:

    I disagree with the exact same results DW. The food that you cook is better by a lot. And we can pay rent again :)

  2. Clarice says:

    Hi, I got a all for this Table Charm thing too. Did you guys really get a free vacation? and was it with a company called spirit vacations or something? where you have to send them $50 US by mail and they return it back once ur back from your vaca?

  3. bad_sector says:

    hey guys, i just rolled in the door from the presentation, happy to say i didnt buy anything but not so happy with the “free” vacation i recieved. Did you guys also knotice that the $50 dollars you have to send in is only accepted in the form of an international money order, which cost you money to buy. Also the check in days can only be from sunday to wednesday. What a scam..

  4. Table.Charm.Sucks says:

    My fiancé and I were unfortunately dumb enough to buy into the scam… along with every other couple that attended the presentation with us.

    The “unconditional” warranty… it’s conditional, just as all other cookware.

    We watched the DVD, read the manual, used the cookbook-food didn’t cook properly, stuck to the pans, and was nothing like the presentation (let me mention the presenter is also a professional chef).

    When the pots and pans were washed, they left marks, they didn’t clean easily, and it was just a nightmare. We even followed the directions word for word.

    I am warning EVERYBODY out there… do NOT buy into this SCAM! This cookware is disastrous and full of head aches. Save yourself from years of bankrupcy… and go back to your regular suppliers.

    Table Charm – your product SUCKS.

    Oh, and on another note… we never received our “free cruise” or bridal registry package that was promised.

  5. kassandra says:

    Thank You Table Charm.
    We got a call telling us we won a trip, yeah right we thought. After looking at thier web site I saw the china set my mom has had for years. She told me that she has had som replacements done and never had a problem.
    We went to the presntation to check it out. I was very impessed cooking with no oil or water. I go to the gym 3 times a week and are trying to be healthy. Dont want to cook on that T-fal stuff and weve been looking for good pots there hard to find and expensive. FH couldnt belive I wanted to spend $4000 on pots but he got big screen a couple of months ago.
    We got the set I love it worth every peny 50yr warranty, never buy pots, like that idea.
    Have a registry with Table charm to pay them off. We also got a cruise which I booked yesterday, cant wait for that.
    If you get a call from these guys you should realy go. There was 5 other couples and two of them bought something, the others got thier free stuff and left.
    Thank you Table charm and I cant wait to go on the cruise

  6. Mrs.Andrade says:

    Ok why do i feel like the comment before mine is totally fake. Not one person has come back and said that they have taken this trip and it was great. no one, what is up with that. Two, there is a comment above stating everything opposite from the above comment.
    Who to believe?

  7. kim says:

    I’d go with the people who said it was a scam, personally! LOL I don’t think I ever approved the comment above yours, oddly!

  8. Mrs.Nicole C says:

    Ok, let me put my two cents in.

    Yes it is a scam. My now husband and I bought into it about a year ago. They got my info from a bridal show I had went to. You know how you go around and your supposed to put your name and info in for a “prize”. Two weeks later I got a call saying I “Won” a free trip to vegas. And ALL I had to do was go and listen to a presentation for an hour.

    My fiancee and I went and found ourselves in a high pressure sales presentation with 4 other couples. Only one smart couple left without buying. We were told that we would not only get our free trip to vegas, we would also get a free cruise and if we bought the $3000.00 worth of cookware we got a free dinnerware and cutlery set. We were told that teflon is evil and causes cancer and that all cookware that is non-stick is garbage and we end up eating all these so called chemicals everyday.

    The cruise and vegas trip was a scam on it’s own. I was informed that we had to send in a cheque to book the trip (which anyone should never do) to vegas. And for the cruise, we couldn’t get through to anyone. It just went to a voicemail message.

    You only have 3 days from your order to cancel, but they book the demos on thursdays and fridays so you don’t have a chance to cancel as they are closed on weekends.

    Long story short. The cookware is average, the dinnerware chips all the time, and everything else is a bunch of BS. The warrenty is there to get things replaced, but the shipping charges are astronomical to send the broken things back as everything weighs a ton. And you need to ship the damaged piece back to them before they send you the new one. The delivery charge is more then what a dish is worth.

    Don’t fall for their gibberish please! We are out over 3,000.00 for a bunch of crap we hate to look at as a reminder of our stupidity.

  9. Jessica says:

    We attended a presentation in January and stupidly bought $3000 worth of pots and pans.

    The deals:
    We are paying a huge 25% interest per year. The offer of “free wedding bands” is for real, but you need to send in $50 to receive them. If you buy into the deal and get your ‘free’ cruise, you need to pay roughly $400 in registration fees/tax AND pay additional fees if you want to book during peak season.

    The product:
    Our knives are rusting and the pots are tarnished. We do not want to send them back because of the high cost of shipping, which they do not cover.

  10. Julie says:

    Ok, this is a super old thread but I just wanted to mention that we did buy the cookware and dinnerware, love our pots, never had any problems and went on our free cruise for our honeymoon. The interest is high but they gave us a certificate for a credit in the total amount of the interest paid, which I have just cashed in. so I paid 2600$ for my stuff, paid over 4 years (our choice to pay it over longer), and getting over 1000$ of free stuff. Not a scam. And we didn’t go bankrupt. We even bought a house and 2 cars in the meantime. People exagerate a lot.

  11. Leonard M. says:

    We went to the same presentation just last week after the Wedding Fair in Vancouver. We didn’t fall for it, however. We just wanted the free trip. Which, thanks to this blog, I realize is now useless. Who goes on Vacation Sunday – Wednesday, and I am sure not goign to send a money order. Who the hell uses money orders in this day and age. I have looked ar a few of these blogs now and I have to say. It is great that we are all upset and are telling people about it. BUT nto a lot of us are doign the one VERY IMPORTANT thing. You need to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau as well as the organizaers of the Wedding Fair you attended. I have just finished filing both of those, took me 10 minutes and I already received a response back from our local fair stating that they are investigating, they have received 4 other complaints and that I am to keep them posted if I get any response from my complaint to the BBB. We have to STOP these scam artists. They suckered 2 young couples at the one we were at. Let’s get these guys banned from taking advantage of people at Wedding and Bridal fairs and EXPECIALLY let’s ruin that A+ rating they have at the BBB.